EX5600E- 6LD and EH3500AC-3 Mining Turkey / July, 2016

Delivering reliability and quality

“At the Orhaneli Coal Mine and Power Plant in Turkey, Hitachi’s mining products are in great demand for their capacity, quality, power and reliable performance.”

Project Details

  1. Name of project:
    Orhaneli Coal Mine and Orhaneli Coal Fired Power Plant
  2. Company(s) involved:
    Celikler Holding (Customer) / ENKA (Dealer)
  3. Machines involved, model:
    Hitachi (one unit) EX5600E-6LD and (10 units) EH3500AC-3
  4. Quantity of machines:
    11 Units
  5. Location of jobsite:
    Orhaneli, Bursa, Turkey
  6. Description and goal of jobsite:
    The jobsite is an open pit coal mine located just next to the coal fired power plant. The main goal is to excavate and carry the overburden to waste area and coal to the power plant.
  7. Type of material being handled:
    The overburden is soil/clay and the main material is coal.
  8. Quantity of material:
    Around 1.8 to 2 million ton of coal is handled per year
  9. Impact of the project on the community:
    Celikler Holding provides employment to around 700 people and also undertakes some environmental projects.
    A gas cleaning plant is filtering the harmful gas the plant produces; 10,000 trees are being planted annually in Orhaneli; there are plans to open a calf breeding farm and solar panels will also be set up for generation of energy.

Established in 1958, Celikler Holding is one of the biggest energy providers of Turkey and has been operating in construction and contracting, energy, mining, tourism and ready-mixed concrete sectors through its subsidiaries and affiliates with the major sub-segments including the construction of highways, bridges, railways, buildings, residential complexes, sewage systems, refining of rain, drinking and waste water, stream improvement, stripping, production of ready-mixed concrete, coal and marble, hotel management along with the generation of electricity from thermal, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants.

Celikler Holding is one of the significant players in the energy sector in Turkey with ownership of Seyitomer, Tuncbilek and Orhaneli coal fired power plants and is now expanding its investments in the sector. According to Ahmet Celik, Director of Financial and Administrative Services, “The Orhaneli Coal Mine and Power Plant needs approximately 1 million 800 tons of coal every year. The plant has 210 MW capacity. We are producing energy here and selling to the government or energy distributing firms. In the near future, we are planning to increase the capacity by adding a new plant.”

Currently there are 200 units of construction machines at the project site in Orhaneli Fuel Plant. “We started excavation in June 2015 and as of January 2016; five million bank cubic meter (bcm) of overburden has been attained. Our target is to achieve 20 million bcm overburden in the next year,” says Ahmet Celik. “We expect this project to last for 25 years. We are continuing our research and if we can find more coal reserves, we are planning to establish one more plant in Orhaneli.”

Celikler Holding uses a wide variety of construction machines in their projects. In order to reach their planned capacity, the firm is working with Hitachi EX5600E-6LD electric shovel excavator and 10 units of EH3500AC-3 each of which has 180 ton capacity. In order to achieve its ambitious target of excavating 20 million bank cubic meter and obtaining two million ton coal yearly, Celikler Holding prefers to use Hitachi construction machinery thanks to its high capacity and quality.

According to Ahmet Celik, “The reason we prefer to work with Hitachi machines is the capacity, quality, power and reliable
performance of the machines. The new HITACHI EH3500AC-3 Dump Trucks, for instance, carries more material and consumes less fuel when compared to the existing fleet. We are also very happy with the performance of EX5600E-6LD. The hydraulic shovel is electric driven, hence no fuel consumption is required and it is cost effective.”

Ahmet Celik further added: “I would also like to point out that Enka’s quick response for service and spare parts have further heightened our overall satisfaction with these new machines.”

As the distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery products in Turkey since 1982, Enka Pazarlama AS has been providing timely and efficient after sales service and spare parts to its Celikler Holding since many years.

“We have been working with Enka for a long time and one of the chief advantages of this association is that Hitachi and Enka support us with their engineers on our projects. Both these firms have offices in our coal mine which ensures that the instant any problem arises with the machines, they are on hand to help us mmediately. In addition, they also often provide training to our staff to ensure they are up to date with knowledge about the machines they operate.”

Currently, because of the weather conditions, it is not possible to work on the job site during the period from January to April. “So, we are taking advantage of
this period by doing maintenance for our machines,” he explains.

“We are very pleased to work with Hitachi and Enka and we are grateful for their supportive policy as well as the exemplary performance of the Hitachi machines.”

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