Mombasa Cement, Kenya / May 2019


In December 2017, Kenya’s Mombasa Cement Limited – with a fleet of already close to 30 Hitachi heavy construction equipment including one HSC SCX2800-2A crane – took delivery of an EX-1900-6, a large excavator known for its strong horsepower, efficient engines, advanced hydraulics, tough frames, powerful arm and bucket-digging forces and much more.
The equipment was delivered by its trusted dealer, Rock Plant.
As one of East Africa’s leading cement producers, Mombasa Cement Limited currently has a plant size of 1,663 acres and will expand soon to a size of almost 2,800 acers. The company is also the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly cement producers in East Africa.
The soil (limestone) production had, in the past, started at a production rate of 4,000 tons per day. While improving the fleet over the last few years by adding a few Hitachi ZX 870’s, the production went up to roughly 12,000 tons per day and with the addition of the EX 1900-6, a production of 19,000 tons per day could be feasible.
The location of the site is attached to the coast line of Mombasa. It stretches out at a total length of 14 kilometers and will give extra employment to some 1,000 personnel.
With the addition of the large excavator EX-1900-6 to Mombasa Cement Limited`s operation, the first step to a next future has been set to keep on reinforcing this cement production powerhouse.
Mombasa Cement Limited has an annual capacity of 1.8 million metric tonnes of cement and 1 million metric tonnes of clinker.
The products of Mombasa Cement Limited pass through round-the-clock stringent quality controls standards of both Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and international specifications.
Mombasa Cement Limited prides on being awarded the superior Diamond Mark of quality certificate by the KEBS symbolising excellent consistent performance on quality and compliance to standards on all their products.

Mr. Hasmukh Patel

“Kenyan Dealer, Rock Plant is attached to our operation 24/7 that why we teamed up with them.
Durable machines, reliable partnership and an unbeatable uptime and production”

Mr. Hasmukh Patel,
CEO of Mombasa Cement

Facts and figures

  • Material:
    limestone, clinker

  • Operating hours per day:
    22 hrs.

  • Production figurese:
    1.8M ton / Year cement
    1M ton / Year clinker

  • Bucket type:

  • Fuel consumption:
    115 L/H

  • NO. of employee:

  • Other Hitachi machines: Wheel Loaders
    10 × ZW310, 2 × ZW180

  • Other Hitachi machines: Excavators
    3 × ZX870, 7 × ZX470
    2 × ZX350, 4 × ZX400

Photos showing assembly work of EX1900-6

Mechanics receiving explanation on maintenance

Operator checking operation of the machine

Strong trust relationship with customers

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