Turkey: Mining Engineer Selma Tosun Kasal explains, how they increased productivity by using ConSite System

Entek Elektrik İnşaat Increases Productivity with ConSite System offered by Hitachi Construction Machinery

Yatağan Termik Enerji A.Ş., operated by Entek Elektrik İnşaat A.Ş. Tınaz Operation Open Coal Mine, is Turkey’s 10th biggest Thermal Power Plant with annual power generation capacity of 4096 GWh. With an annual overburden capacity of approximately 20,000,000 m3, 4,500,000 tons of coal is produced per year. 3 units of ZX690LCH-5A and 13 units of ZX890LCH-5A HITACHI hydraulic excavators are operating in the open pit. In additon to HITACHI fleet, 1 unit of 90Z6, and 2 units of 95Z7 KAWASAKI wheel loaders are also functional. Total work force of the mine is 631 people.

Overburden materials such as marl, sandstone, limestone, conglomerate, plaque limestone are excavated by HITACHI and KAWASAKI fleet.

Operator comments for the HITACHI fleet are: Easy to use, fast and comfortable. 3 different power mode options provides and ideal system for the operators. Based on current open pit conditions, customer comments that especially ZX890LCH-5A is an ideal machine for overburden application. The ZX690LCH-5A, with its opitmized size and engine power, is mostly preferred for multi-layer coal ground conditions. HITACHI fleet allows easy access to coal with reduced fuel consumptioon figures.

Customer’s Maintenance Department is highly satisfied by the after-sales support quality provided by Hitachi Construction Machinery Turkey distributor ENKA Marketing Export Import Co. In case of failure, ENKA provides quick service and spare parts through their experienced mechanics, which is totally appreciated by the customer. “The failure rate of HITACHI machines is low, the engine performance is very good and they meet our standards. Technical catalogs is easy to understand. Periodic maintenance is carried out with great care by ENKA”.

The company is also very satisfied with the ConSite system, which allows remote access to Hitachi machines.

Briefly explained; The ConSite system is HITACHI’s automatic reporting system. Thanks to this reporting system, detailed monthly operation data are sent to customers and authorized service personnel, via electronic mail in pdf format. In addition to the monthly data (such as fuel consumption, working hours, etc.), instant alarm reports are also sent to customers and authorized service personnel via electronic mail. Thanks to the instant alarm reports, failures can be eliminated in a timely manner. ConSite system allows the deler to provide preventive maintenance, quick spare parts supply and timely service actions.

Project Supervisor – Mining Engineer Selma Tosun Kasal explains how they increased their productivity by using the ConSite system as follows;

“First of all, we contacted ENKA for assistance in evaluating the performance of our HITACHI fleet and operators. With the support from ENKA, we could connect to the machines remotely via the ConSite system, easily access all the data for each machine, and create reports from the system for the periods we wanted.

By evaluating the data obtained from the ConSite system, and the production data from the field, we determined the action plans that will increase production efficiency, and provide fuel savings.

Based on ConSite monthly reports and real data from the field, we had chance to monitor how much we could save, by reducing idling time of the machines, and also by using the appropriate power mode options.

For our productivity analysis, we made use of the data such as operating hours, fuel consumption, idle time, swing rates and power mode usage. ConSite reports revealed that our machines were mostly being operated in PWR mode.

We observed that the operator factor is also very important in addition to the field / operating conditions and machine performance.  We requested HITACHI & ENKA to provide a training for our operators, which will make the most from the machine in terms of efficiency.

HITACHI Istanbul office representatives visited our site, observed our operation, and then provided a training to our operators based their experience. Industry standards, best practices, how to use power modes (ECO, STD, PWR) were explained in detail.

By utilizing the fuel consumption data from ConSite reports, we measured the actual hourly fuel consumption, which varies according to the use of the mode. By this method, we determined how much saving we could achieve by using ECO or STD Modes. Operators were made aware of this issue, and clearly intructed to avoid operating the machine in PWR mode, unless otherwise stated by the mine management.

ConSite monthly reports shows clearly how much each machine worked in which mode. Based on the Consite reports, we can easily monitor the real fuel saving figures for each machine.

In summary; the ability to easily, remotely and quickly access the ConSite system via our mobile devices and desktop computers, to create detailed reports, to access all information such as location, fuel consumption, operating hours and working mode, and the ability to follow the preventive actions have provided us great benefits.

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