Hitachi Construction Machinery together with Middle East Crane make a big impression at The Big 5 Heavy 2018

Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East participated at the launch event of The Big 5 Dubai, from 26-28 March, along with its partner Middle East Crane Equipment Trading (MECET).
HMEC General Manager Marketing Piet van Bakergem said that unlike previous The Big 5 editions, which were diverse in product offerings, The Big 5 Heavy focused on the construction portfolio. “Therefore, we have chosen this platform to showcase our wheeled and mini excavators for the UAE market. These products are focussed at urban construction so as to not damage the surface in the cities. HMEC’s agile mini excavators and wheeled excavators help protect pedestrian pavements with their unique engineered structure.”
With models in operation worldwide, ranging from 800kg to 5,400kg, Hitachi mini excavators provide the right type of service for the required construction needs. The increasingly-popular zero tail swing type has a reduced cabin back that doesn’t hang over the crawler. This prevents damage from contact with job site obstacles, which in turn reduces operator stress from worrying about accidents. This is why so many of Hitachi’s zero tail swing mini-excavators are used for narrow job sites. Hitachi mini excavators come equipped with various safety features, such as TOPS (tip-over protective structure) and FOPS (falling object protective structure). To avoid the dangers of urban construction, Hitachi’s machines meet ISO safety standards.
Hitachi’s wheeled excavators are fast and offer mobility to save time for job-to-job movement. They are also multi-purpose like the crawler type excavators, as the front attachment can be switched. With this kind of mobility and usability, Hitachi’s wheeled excavators give increased productivity. Low maintenance costs and long life are other added benefits.
Showcasing the new series coming up from the Hitachi wheeled excavators – ZX 170W-5A, 190W-5A, 210W-5A, USB65, ZW180 as well as minis for the UAE market, Hitachi continues to invest in better machinery and brand awareness. “We are best known for reliability, and with a partner like Middle East Crane, we are getting more customer interests in this part of our region. HMEC looks very sharp with regards to its market share here in the Middle East. That’s what counts.”
Since early 2011, MECET is the appointed UAE dealer for Sumitomo Crawler Cranes and for the last two years, company has been selling Hitachi’s construction machinery to the UAE market. In October 2018, MECET will open a new premise in Jebel Ali Industrial Park, Dubai to have the availability of a one stop shop.

MECET takes responsibility as a full liner for the sales and after sales services of Hitachi Construction Machinery as well as Hitachi Sumitomo Crawler cranes.

During the BIG 5 Heavy 6500 visitors attended of which 75% came from the UAE and others came in from the surrounding GCC countries.

>>> Interview of Piet Bakergem from Hitachi Construction Machinery at The Big 5 Heavy (The Big 5 Heavy’s Instagram page)

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