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Used machines Sales is one of Hitachi Value Chain Businesses. HMEC has started offering PREMIUM and REFURBISHED USED in addition to its As-Is USED machines. Premium and Refurbished used machines undergo a rigorous inspection, performance check and refurbishment using Hitachi Genuine parts and lubricants to ensures high level of quality to its new machines and offering with an attractive price.

“PREMIUM USED” is a product brand for used machines with warranty after satisfying set criteria stipulated by HCM Group. “REFURBISHED USED” is a product brand for used machines that undergoes refurbishment and certified by HCM after satisfying set criteria stipulated by HCM Group.

Further to above mentioned benefits of Refurbished & Premium used would also give benefits such as Low cost of ownership, short delivery, Low logistics costs, Reduced depreciation cost, Reduced insurance cost, Low transportation cost, etc…

PREMIUM and REFURBISHED USED have advantages like differentiation from other used suppliers, increase sales opportunities by attractive machine, penetrate new customer who uses cheaper machines demand, Resale value up, generate more income, Enhance Brand Image, Increase Hitachi parts, Lubricants & services sales. Reliable machines no need to worry about machine condition after purchased, Ready to use, and appearance is like new machine, Attractive price, lower investment required than new machine


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